We know how precious nature is and how devastating our impact has been on the environment. So, with our swimwear collection, we want to make a difference.

The ocean produces over half of the world's oxygen and absorbs 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. But it’s in danger.

About 12 million tonnes of plastic is estimated to enter our oceans each year. That’s the equivalent of a rubbish truck every single minute! At current rates, plastic is expected to outweigh all the fish in the sea by 2050.

Abandoned fishing nets, also known as ghost nets, remain in the marine eco-system for thousands of years, seriously affecting sea life. It injures and traps sea mammals, tricks birds into thinking it’s food and harms the environment.

Here at Ocean Spirit, we fight the ocean plastic pollution by utilising this waste for another life-cycle. We use ECONYL® yarn made from nylon waste, such as fishing nets, and turn them into beautiful swimwear.


Our swimwear is made using a high quality Italian fabric, made with ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon derived from nylon waste that would otherwise pollute the earth.

The process starts with rescuing nylon waste, such as finishing nets. This is then sorted and cleaned, recovering as much nylon as possible. Through a radical regeneration process, the waste is recycled back to its purity. The quality remains exactly the same as brand new nylon and it can be recycled and remoulded again and again.

As well as being a solution on waste, ECONYL® nylon reduces the global warming impact of using nylon by up to 90% compared with the material from oil.

ECONYL® nylon gives new life to plastic waste, safeguarding the environment and allowing us to make beautiful swimwear without compromising the environment. 


We care about sustainability and the environmental details of every aspect of our product. All of our packaging is eco-friendly. Our mailing boxes are made from recycled FSC®-certified cardboard (with water-based glue and a paper strip). This means that all materials come from a forest, where no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce, providing better protection of the animal and plant life.

We use paper sanitary liners, recycled and recyclable hang tags and eco ink, where possible. Our swimwear comes in biodegradable tapioca packaging and OEKO-TEX certified cotton bags, designed to protect our premium swimwear when in storage or while travelling.


We care about people their communities. Optimal working conditions and fair treatment of employees are important to us.

Our swimwear is ethically made in Indonesia. The factory we work with exceeds minimum labour standards, production and sourcing practices. All staff are paid above the standard wage and are included in a profit-sharing scheme. Everyone is also provided with comprehensive health insurance and works less than 40 hours per week.

Our manufacturers care about sustainability and they continuously educate their employees on the topic. For example, single-use plastic isn’t allowed at the premises – instead, all staff are provided with reusable water bottles. The factory also aims to minimise the fabric waste by recycling any off-cuts.